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Senior Girls Basketball

Regular Season 2014-15
2014-15 x Regular Season

Standings Calculations

Tier One

  • Balfour                                                    Tier one plays each school in their own tier twice and tier two once.  
  • Campbell                                                Schools who play each other in their one games are worth 1 point each.
  • Knoll                                                       Tier one teams versus Tier two teams games are worth two points if
  • Riffel                                                       schools are in your conference. If teams are in tier two and not in your 
  • Sheldon                                                 conference games are exhibition.
  • Notre Dame

Tier Two

  • Lumsden                                               All Teams in Tier two play every team in the league once.  Games played 
  • Luther College                                      outside of conference are exhibition.  All in conference games are worth
  • Harvest City                                         3 points
  • O'Neill
  • Miller

Tier Three

  • Johnson                                               Tier three teams play each other three times with each contest being worth 
  • Greenall                                               1 point.  Teams that in conference in tier two that play tier three, games 
  • RCS                                                     are worth three points each.  Tier 3 teams playing out of conference Tier 2 
  • Thom                                                   teams are exhibition.